Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duct Tape Projects

We had a great time making our duct tape wallets last night.  Everyone was so creative with the colors, I can't wait to post the pictures  of what everyone did.  For those of you who couldn't make it or who just want more duct tape, here are some more projects you can try!

Duct Tape Rose

Duct Tape Tie

Duct Tape Ring

Duct Tape iPod Case

Duct Tape Skirt (perhaps you should make it a teensy bit longer?)

Duct Tape Top Hat

Duct Tape Book Cover

Done all these?  Why not try some projects of your own?  If you do, be sure to post it here so we all can see your duct tape craftiness!

Here are the instructions for the duct tape wallets we made last night if you would like to make one:

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
1.     Cut a piece of duct tape as long as this piece of paper is tall and lay down, sticky side up.  Cut another piece the same length and lay it on top, sticky side down, but about half way down the first piece.  (Hopefully without sticking the whole thing to the table!
2.     Fold the top part of the first piece down over the second, so there is no sticky part on top.  flip it over so the sticky part from the second piece is facing up.  Cut another piece of tape and lay on top again sticky side down covering just the sticky part of the other piece of tape.  Continue adding tape until you have a sheet that is about 6 inches by 8 inches. (the size of this paper)
3.     On your last piece of tape that still has sticky side exposed, fold up like you did to the top in the beginning.  Trim the sides to make it neat.
4.     Fold the whole sheet in half length wise and use two pieces of tape to close the sides.  If you want to, you can stop here!  This is a basic wallet with a pocket for bills.  If you want card slots, continue on!
5.     To make card slots, make 3 sheets just like the big one you made, but make these 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.  (Need a guide?  Use the smaller rectangle on this piece of paper) Place one on the inside of your wallet, the slot that will be the highest, and tape down the other three sides.  Then add the next one a bit lower and repeat, and then again for the 3rd card slot.  Ta-dah! Card slots!  Now you have somewhere to put your library card.
6.     You can make more card slots for the other side of your wallet, or you can make an ID slot.  T--o make an ID slot get a piece of tape that is same height as the card slot.  Cut it in half and fold both pieces in half lengthwise, sticky side to sticky side.  Then cut a piece of tape that is the length of the card slot and cut that in half lengthwise too.  Before folding each piece in half however, line up the other two pieces at the ends.  You are making a 'frame' for your ID, so keep that in mind!  Once you have your frame, line it up on your wallet and tape three sides down. 
7.     Fill your super fancy new duct tape wallet with money and lots of cards!

Need moooooore ideas?  Try some of these duct tape themed books available from other libraries:
  • The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book by Jim Berg
  • The Jumbo Duct Tape Book by Jim Berg
  • Ductigami: The Art of Tape by Joe Wilson
  • Got Tape by Ellie Schiedermayer
These books are not available through the library system, but if you really want one try amazon!
  • Stick it! 99 Duct Tape Projects by T.L. Bonaddio
  • The Ultimate Duct Tape Book by Tim Nyberg
  • Kid's Guide to Duct Tape Projects by Sheri Ann Bell-Rehwoldt
Thats all!  Leave me a comment if you have any other links to cool duct tape projects =)

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