Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hunger gameshow!

Hey everyone, the Hunger Gameshow was AWESOME!  We had 6 tributes (5 of whom terribly of course!)(just kidding :) )  Congrats to Elle for winning!  She won a pretty awesome flaming mockingjay Hunger Games tshirt.  Chris came in second and got a Hunger Games poster, William came in 3rd and got a pack of Hunger Games trading cards, and Clare came in 4th and got a Hunger Games bookmark.  Honorable mentions go to Josh and Ivy who each got to pick out a book from my closet to take home with them.

Congrats to you all!  You were all great!  Go see the movie and write a review, I'll put it up here on the blog!

The winner: ELLE!


Chris (brother Jeremy), Ivy, and William
Elle, Clare, and Josh

Our scorekeeper, Melanie!

Final Scores

Elle - 8,000
Chris - 7,800
William - 5,750
Clare - 5,400
Josh - 4,700
Ivy - 3,850

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