Monday, April 2, 2012



50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know by Kay West
You've got good friends, your grades are solid, and you're always on time for soccer practice.  Everything's perfect, right?  Almost.  Poise and maturity don't just arrive at a certain age.  A young lady understands how to interact in the world around her and knows how to respond in any situation life may throw her way.  Somewhere in the shuffle of school dances, texting, and gift-giving, certain details are timeless.  Thank you notes, hostess gifts, and gracious apologies are never outdated, and today's young lady has more social outlets than ever to navigate.  This book takes you everywhere from the dinner table to the internet, from the softball field to the birthday party, and everywhere in between.

Perception by Kim Harrington
Trying to decide between her old boyfriend, who betrayed her but wants her back, and the new boy with whom there are definite sparks, Cape Cod high school junior and psychic Clare is puzzled by a secret admirer even as she tries to solve the mystery of a classmate who has suddenly disappeared.

 Invisible Sun by David MacInnis Gill
You don't want to mess with Durango.  He left his crew behind.  His father is dead.  And he's going to prove himself to Vienne, even if he dies trying.  As he races through flood and fire and across a violent and terrifying planet, there's a 97% chance he's going to die trying.
But who's counting. 

LIE by Caroline Bock
Told in several voices, a group of Long Island high school seniors conspire to protect eighteen-year-old Jimmy after he brutally assaults two Salvadoran immigrants, until they begin to see the moral implications of Jimmy's actions and the consequences of being loyal to a violent bully.

Balthazar by Claudia Gray
Vampire Balthazar More emerges from his centuries-long isolation to help Skye Tierney, a psychic girl who once attended Evernight Academy, when she catches the attention of the cruel master vampire responsible for murdering Balthazar and his family four centuries earlier.

 Starters by Lissa Price
To support herself and her younger brother in a future Beverly Hills, sixteen-year-old Callie hires her body out to seniors who want to experience being young again, and she lives a fairy-tale life until she learns that her body will commit murder, unless her mind can stop it.

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