Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April showers bring May...books :) (Part 4)

The Blood by D. J. MacHale
A final showdown is in order between best friends Marshall and Cooper and the terrifying villain Damon, who's more determined than ever to break down the walls between the worlds of the living and the dead. Marshall is forced to make a brave and shocking choice when the battle is on the line, and he and Cooper might be rewarded with help from someone quite unexpected.

 Purity by Jackson Pearce
Sixteen-year-old Shelby finds it difficult to balance her mother's dying request to live a life without restraint with her father's plans for his "little princess," which include attending a traditional father-daughter dance that culminates with a ceremonial vow to live "whole, pure lives."

Battle Fatigue by Mark Kurlansky
Joel Bloom chronicles his life experiences during the 1960's which eventually lead him to oppose the war in Vietnam and to flee to Canada rather than be forced to kill Vietnamese.

Ascend by Amanda Hocking
Duty-bound to marry her friend Tove in order to give the Trylle people their strongest king and queen in history, Wendy, a changeling troll princess, is torn between two other suitors, Finn and Loki.

Grimalkin The Witch Assassin by Joseph Delaney
Provides insights into the life of Grimalkin, one of the deadliest witches in the country, if not the world, whose uneasy truce with the Spook's apprentice, Tom, unites them against the ultimate evil of the Fiend.

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