Friday, June 29, 2012

Teen Book Review - Congo

This review is from Clare, age 17.  Clare says that this book is fiction, action/adventure, and "fiction based on actual events."  She gave it a 10/10. (high praise!) Her favorite character was Amy.  Clare said "I loved Congo because of it's allover detail.  All the places are described fully and accurately.  The story itself is also one of the best I've read.  Nobody could think it's a bad book."  About the cover of the book Clare had this to say, "Loved the cover too!  It gives a good idea of what the book's about."  She said that she would read more from this author and her last words were "Anyone reading this book review should read Congo next!" 

Clare received an extra raffle ticket in this week's Teen Summer Reading Raffle.  If you would like to get an extra ticket this week too, come by and fill out a book review form!

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