Saturday, June 30, 2012

Teen Book Review - iBoy

iBoy by Kevin Brooks - YA SFF BRO

 This review is from Daanyal, age 12. Daanyal says that this book is science fiction.  He gave it an 8/10.  (Awesome!)  His favorite character was Lucy. He said "Well this book is meant for mature readers like in teens.  For me, it was great because of the action.  There are many pieces of language in this book not suitable for children." (That's some great advice Daanyal, thanks for letting us know!)  About the cover of the book he had this to say, "The cover did not have anything to do with the story." (Oh well!  Sometimes that happens.  Did you know that most of the time the author doesn't have any power over what goes on the cover of their book?  Most of the time it a decision made by the publisher of the book.) Daanyal said that he would not read more from this author.

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