Thursday, July 5, 2012

What do your dreams mean?

hey YAs.  This Saturday at the library we're going to make our own dream journals.  (there are still spots open, sign up if you want to!)  So I thought today I would tell you about how to tell what your dreams mean!  Here are some of the  most common dream symbols and what they mean.  Keep in mind that these interpretations are very broad and vague, try and think about what they mean to YOU!

Animals - Sometimes represent your parents, or the way you feel about your parents.  Look up the particular animal to find more meaning.  Being chased by an animal?  You may be repressing some emotion.

Clothes - How you look at yourself or how you think others see you.  Changing your clothes might indicate a change in your life. 

Death - Most often means a big change or something coming to an end.  Very rarely does death mean death!  But it may represent your fear of death.

Falling - Fear of letting go of someone or something.  May also suggest a feeling of loss of control.

House - Often represents yourself.  Different rooms might be different emotions or ideas.

Killing - May represent suppression of some part of you.  Are you trying to get rid of some part of you?

Marriage - A bridge between your masculine side and your feminine side.

Money - Your values in life, or your self worth. 

Mountains - Climbing a mountain may symbolize an achievement, looking out from the top you might be analyzing your life.  Could also be an obstacle in your life.

Naked - The truth about yourself (the naked truth even!) open and exposed.

People - Most often symbolize different parts of yourself, like your emotions, desires, fears, or attitudes.

Radio - Communication.  Static?  Maybe you're having problems communicating with someone.

Roads - The direction of your life.  Maybe you're trying to go down a different road or trying to reach the end of the road (a goal)

School - Life lessons, experiences, learning about yourself.

Cars/Trucks/other vehicles - Another representation of yourself.  Are you driving (in control) or in the backseat?  If you're not driving, who is?

Want more help?  Check out these dream interpretation books~

The Illustrated Guide to Dream: Dream Symbols and Their Meanings by Brenda Mallon
154.6 MAL

Our Dreaming Mind by Robert L. Van de Castle
154.6 VAN

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud
135.383 FRE

Or!  Try some of these great dream interpretation websites~

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