Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Fire Release Party Pics!

Explanation of how the shirts were made:

1.  Find a black image of the mockingjay symbol online.  Make it as large as will fit on a standard piece of paper and print it out.
2.  Laminate the piece of paper you printed out.  This will keep it from getting soggy after multiple use.
3.  Use an exacto knife or box cutter like I did to carefully cut out the image.  I made the arrow shaft a bit wider so it would show up better.
4. In a spray bottle make a mixture of half water and half bleach.
5. Fit the shirt over a box or square of cardboard to prevent the bleach to leaching the back of the shirt.
6. Put gloves on.
7. Place the image stencil where you want it on the shirt.
8. Spray with the bleach solution.  It will start to turn red first, then go a whitish gray with some brownish red around the edges.
9. Dab the stencil with some paper towels to remove excess solution, then set aside.
10. Put the shirt on a hanger to dry!

Enjoy your awesome mockingjay tshirts!  We love ours!

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