Monday, June 9, 2014

Teen Advisory Group June Meeting Notes

The TAG met this past Saturday afternoon.

We started out by discussing how the Bake Sale went, which was wonderfully!  Thanks to everyone who baked or volunteered their time.  We earned $133.00 and we used it to purchase an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to give away as a summer reading prize this year.  We plan on doing the bake sale again next year since it was so successful this year. 

We discussed how we would decorate the YA room for the Summer Reading Program this year around the theme "Spark a Reaction."  We threw around ideas of gears, sparklers, and (of course) glitter.  We decided we would work on the decorations after the volunteer orientations later this month.

The upcoming programs are:

Wednesday, June 11th – Teen Knitting Club 5:30pm
Saturday, June 21st – Volunteen Training 1 – 2:00pm
Wednesday, June 25th – Teen Book Club – Distant Waves – 6pm
Thursday, June 26th – Volunteen Training 2 – 3pm
Saturday, June 28th – After Hours Teen Kickoff Party 7:30pm
Monday, June 30th – First day of Summer Reading Program
Monday, June 30th – Sidewalk decorating with chalk – 10:30am
Tuesday, July 1st – First meeting of session 1 of the Robotics Club 3pm
Thursday, July 3rd – Hair chalking, henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and flame nails 3pm


Then we did our suggestions & recommendations portion~

Another duct tape program (Melanie)
Ice cream in a bag (Melanie)
Decorating Cupcakes (Hannah)
Paper making (Catherine)
Making baskets (Catherine)
Poetry workshop (Catherine)
Teaching/tutoring workshop (Catherine)
Body language workshop (Catherine)
Sign language (Jill)
Newspaper nails (Melanie)
Zumba (Melanie)
Mythbusters workshop (Melanie)
Minecraft post it art (Melanie)

Tis by Frank McCourt (Catherine)
Change Anything by Kerry Patterson (Catherine)
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (MissG)
This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki (Hannah)
Zombellium: Gretchen by Arthur de Pins (MissG)

Sherlock (Jill)
Dragon Ball Z (Jill)
Ugly Betty (Melanie)
Big Bang Theory (Jill)
One Piece (Jill)
Out of Practice (Melanie)
Smallville (Catherine)

Life of Pi (Catherine)
Fault in Our Stars (Hannah)
Ghostbusters (Jill)
Love Actually (Hannah)
Breakfast Club (Jill)
GBF (Melanie)

McFly (Melanie)
The 1975 (Melanie)
ABBA (Catherine)
Boyce Avenue (Melanie)
Torry Kelly (Melanie)
Michael Jackson (Catherine)
Kurt & Max Snyder (Melanie)

Video Games
Don't Starve (MissG)
Watchdogs (Jill)
Endgame (Hannah)
Supermeatboy (Jill)

Shazam (Hannah)
2048 (Jill)

Websites (Jill) (Hannah) (Catherine) (Tiffany)

Youtube Channels
Cinema Sins (Jill)


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