Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School - Library Rules Reminder!

Welcome to a new school year!  The Library welcomes young adults ages 12 and up to come to the library after school to read, study, and socialize.  However, please keep in mind these rules:

1.  No food is permitted in the library.  Drinks with a top are permitted.
2.  No PDA is permitted. This includes kissing & sitting on laps.
3.  No loitering by the front door.
4.  Conversation in a quietly normal volume is permitted.  No conversation is permitted in the marked quiet areas.
5.  No throwing, pushing, grabbing, jumping, or running.
6. Swearing and inappropriate conversation will not be permitted.
7. Teens are not permitted to socialize in the children's room when there are children present.
8.  To use a computer you must sign in with your name and the time.  Use is limited to 30 minutes if another patron is waiting to use a computer.  Printing is $.15 for black/white and $.25 for color, per page.
9.  The library has a three strike rule.  If you continue violating the rules you WILL be asked to leave for the day.  If the staff can not determine the person responsible in a group, the entire group will get a strike or be asked to leave.  Teens who need to wait for a ride will wait in the Director's Office.  The Library staff reserves the right to ask any person to leave if they determine it is needed.
10. These rules apply everywhere on the library grounds and building.

If you have any questions about these rules, please feel free to ask Karyn, the Young Adult Librarian or Trish Connolly, the Library Director.

On the other hand...

Check out books, audiobooks, graphic novels, movies, tv, music, video games, and magazines.

Use the tables throughout the library to work on schoolwork.  Homework supplies (extra paper, hilighters, colored pencils, rulers, markers, tape, glue, etc) are available at the front desk.

Use the computers for homework or entertainment.  Don't forget we have downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and magazine for your devices!

Sign up for teen programs!  This month: Teen Cuisine Apples, a cooking class for teenagers, and, Duct Tape Belts, where we will make belts and other accessories out of duct tape.  Every month we have Teen Book Club and Teen Advisory Group.

Ask for help!  Your librarians are:
Karyn Gardiner, Young Adult Librarian
Christine Michaud, Children's Librarian
Trish Connolly, Library Director
Cyndi Shirshac, Assistant Director
Feel free to ask Diana, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Carol, and Patti your questions too at the front desk!

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