Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you have purple on today?

Well, you should!  Today is Wear Purple for Peace Day.  The goal of Wear Purple for Peace Day is to make the world a more peaceful place...and to encourage aliens to visit Earth.  WAIT, WHAT?  Yeah.  I saw this holiday in a list and thought well that sounds nice but then I looked it up and found this.  I think this is just too funny and hilarious.  Anyway, here are my top picks for purple clothing to wear today...


Some Jessica Simpson platform suede heels for the gals with WAY more balance than me.  (I would break an ankle in these, but I think they are super cute)

SPARKLY!  Steve Madden flats for me :)
And some purple Vans for the boys who aren't afraid of purple!


Some classic Adidas purple socks
Lovely cable knit knee high socks.  I totally want these.


Killer purple skinny jeans.  (not for me, but you girls go for it!)


I love this purple top with the ruffle detail for the ladies...

And for the guys, this stylin purple striped shirt.  Come on guys, I know you can pull it off!


Shiny purple belt!
Don't hate on the purple belt boys...

And last but not least...a few killer purple dresses for my girls to drool over...

Do you have a favorite piece of purple clothing to wear to welcome aliens to earth?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments :)

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