Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teen Book Review - The Pledge

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting - YA SFF DER

This review is from Lilian, age 13.  Lilian says that this book is fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, and romance.  She gave it an 10/10.  (Nice!)  Her favorite character was Charlie. She said "I liked this book because I thought that it was really unique.  I liked how there was a monarchy and the segregation by languages.  It was really interesting.  I also like how the characters learn more and more about who they are as the book progresses.  It was suspenseful and the setting and government was described really well."  (Ohmygosh, I wanted to read this book before when I bought it for the library, but now I REALLY want to read it!  You make it sound so cool!)  About the cover of the book she had this to say, "I thought that the girl on the cover was a good image of Charlaina.  I also liked how the background was plain and black.  It made it look dark and suspenseful." Lilian said that she would read more from this author and her last words were "I hope that the author writes another book and makes it a series." (don't worry Lilian, book 2 The Essence will be out next year for you!)

Lilian received an extra raffle ticket in this week's Teen Summer Reading Raffle.  If you would like to get an extra ticket this week too, come by and fill out a book review form!

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