Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Reads! - July New Books (part1)

Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike
Jeff is the new guy in school and the only one who can see Kimberlee, a ghost with a lot of (stolen) baggage. To help her move on, Jeff must return everything she stole when she was alive. But being Kimberlee's accomplice turns into more than he bargained for when his crush and the cops get involved.

 Five Summers by Una LaMarche
Emma, Skylar, Jo and Maddie have all come back to camp for a weekend of tipsy canoe trips to the island, midnight skinny dipping in the lake, and an epic game of capture the flag--boys versus girls. But the weekend isnt quite as sunwashed as theyd imagined as the memories come flooding back... "The summer we were nine" Emma was branded "Skylars friend Emma" by the infamous Adam Loring . . . "The summer we were ten: " Maddie realized she was too far into her lies to think about telling the truth . . . "The summer we were eleven" Johanna totally freaked out during her first game of Spin the Bottle . . . "The summer we were twelve" Skylars love letters from her boyfriend back home were exciting to all of us--except Skylar . . . "Our last summer together: " Emma and Adam almost kissed. Jo found out Maddies secret. Skylar did something unthinkable...

Dodger by Terry Pratchett
In an alternative version of Victorian London, a seventeen-year-old Dodger, a cunning and cheeky street urchin, unexpectedly rises in life when he saves a mysterious girl, meets Charles Dickens, and unintentionally puts a stop to the murders of Sweeny Todd.

50 Machines that Changed the Course of History by Eric Chaline
The book celebrates more than 200 years of technological development at the height of the Industrial Revolution. These are not generic inventions but rather specific, branded machines whose names in many cases have become synonymous with the machine or its purpose.
These are a few of the 50 machines described:
  • Stephenson's Rocket (1829), the first locomotive designed for passenger transport
  • Harrison power loom (1851) produced the bulk of the world's cotton cloth during the First Industrial Revolution
  • Westinghouse alternating current system (1887) brought electrical power and lighting to homes and workplaces
  • Hoover suction sweeper (1908) revolutionized domestic cleaning
  • Lumière cine projector (1896) and Marconi radio (1897) together heralded the dawn of the media age
  • Baird "Televiso" (1930), the first television set
  • More recently, the Motorola DynaTAC cellphone (1983) ensured that we would always be able to "phone home." 
The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar
When eighteen-year-old Margo learns she lost the lead in her high school musical to a sophomore because of a modern-day genie, she falls in love with Oliver, the genie, while deciding what her own wishes should be and trying to rescue him from an old foe.

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