Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Reads! - July New Books (part2)

The Walking Dead, compendium 1 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, & Cliff Rathburn
Over one thousand pages chronicling the beginning of Robert Kirkman''s Eisner Award-winning continuing story of survival horror- from Rick Grimes'' waking up alone in a hospital, to him and his family seeking solace on Hershel''s farm, and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot: The Governor. In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to finally start living.

 Pieces by Chris Lynch
Eighteen-year-old Eric deals with the loss of his older brother Duane by meeting three of the seven recipients of Duane's organs a year after his death, and pondering who they are to him, and he to them.

Deck Z: The Titanic by Chris Pauls & Matt Solomon
Imagine you are trapped on an icy Atlantic on the Titanic with a zombie virus. Authors Matt Solomon and Chris Pauls reimagine the historical events of this fateful voyage though the lens of zombie mayhem. Join Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle as they desperately try to contain a zombie virus that boarded with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New York. In a few short days at sea, the glorious, shining Titanic turns into a Victorian blood bath, steaming at top speed towards a gigantic iceberg. 

Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win World War II by Cheryl Mullenbach
An account of the lesser-known contributions of African-American women during World War II reveals how they helped lay the foundations for the Civil Rights Movement by challenging racial and gender barriers at home and abroad.

Night School by C. J. Daugherty
After her third arrest in one year, sixteen-year-old Allie's parents send her to Cimmeria Academy, a boarding school, where she finds herself exposing the dark secrets of the school and her classmates.

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